Divorce and Your Finances - 3/24/2015

Not every event is something that we can include in our financial planning; one such event is divorce. Unfortunately, the current divorce rate for first time marriages, according to the National Marriage Project, is between 40% and 50% and estimates for second marriage divorces range from 67% to as high as 80%. The divorce rate for first time marriages has steadily declined since it peaked in the 1980s, but the number of divorces in adults over 50 and those approaching retirement is on the rise! Going through a divorce can be overwhelming; however it is important to consider all your options as you go.

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Improving Your Financial Fitness - 1/27/2015

If we are physically fit, we feel better, can manage stress and are able to enjoy life. We can experience the same benefits when we are financially fit. Similar to getting physically fit, getting financially fit takes effort but the benefits are well worth it. Here are the steps to improve your financial fitness whether you are starting or just toning up.

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Tom Roberts Receives Insignia Award

The Sarasota Chamber of Commerce bestows the Insignia Award to companies who have demonstrated superior service over more than five years.  See the article here.

Are You Saving Too Much? - 12/2/2014

It would be wonderful if you were saving more than you need. Unfortunately, for many it is a struggle to
balance out current expenses, savings and income. Saving for your future is important, no matter what your
goals or how far away they are. How can you tell if you are saving too much?

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Managing Your IRA - 10/7/2014

For many people, their IRAs hold a large part of their retirement nest egg. Even if they save using a company or government savings plans such as 401k, 403b or 457, eventually many roll this over to an IRA. On the surface, IRAs appear simple to set up, contribute to and take withdrawals. However, there are a number of potential pitfalls to watch for to avoid triggering an unexpected tax hit.

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16 June 2017
Bradenton Herald Articles
A friendly warning: Don’t unknowingly give your property to the state.Common law in the United States includes a process in which unclaimed property is turned over to states. The intent of this process, called escheatment, was to ensure that property...
24 April 2017
Bradenton Herald Articles
With the 2016 federal tax return filing deadline of April 18 – yes, that is correct – rapidly approaching, let’s talk about how you can use your tax forms to improve your finances.Before you file away your 2016 tax forms, spend a few minutes to see h...
15 March 2017
Bradenton Herald Articles
When investing and managing your money, you must consider and deal with a number of potential risks. These include general market moves, individual company, interest rate, inflation, default, political, currency, liquidity, volatility and others.Some...
11 December 2016
Bradenton Herald Articles
Everyone should own bonds or bond-like investments, though you might ask why would anyone want to own bonds at this time. Interest rates are going up and the math says the financial value of bonds will decrease. The value in owning bonds is...