Many investors feel they have only two choices when it comes to getting investment advice, give up control of their investments or "Do-It-Yourself".

There is another option! Assets You Manage to Succeed (AUM2SucceedTM) offers a way to obtain quality, objective investment advice, without sacrificing control.

Giving an advisor control of your investments still requires that you monitor them to assure your accounts are being managed properly. Recent events have highlighted the need for vigilance when someone has access or control of your investments. Annual advisor fees, commissions and charges are typically 1% or more of the value of your portfolio. Often, this is for investment advice only, not ongoing financial planning.

The "Do-It-Yourself" method allows you to maintain control of your assets. The downside is the time to continuously educate yourself and monitor your individual investments. You must still purchase reliable investment data and information, and perform due diligence on the various sources of information.

AUM2SucceedTM offers a better choice. You can get periodic advice to help you manage your investments, ongoing access to advice, total lower cost*, portfolio reporting, allocation and annual portfolio rebalancing.

Some of the benefits of AUM2SucceedTM:

• You retain control and responsibility for your investments while having access to quality advice.

• Scheduled reviews of your plan and portfolio to assure they support your goals.

• Monitoring of your investments and notification of significant changes.  This allows you to make timely and educated decisions.

• Consolidated investment portfolio summary and educational materials available through your personal online portal. This allows you to easily monitor your investments and remain up to date.

• Annual review of your portfolio allocation and rebalancing recommendations to keep you on track.
• Ongoing access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM for quick answers to financial questions.

AUM2SucceedTM helps you implement your plan and make adjustments as life happens.

AUM2SucceedTM is an annual program that is customized for each client. Each AUM2SucceedTM program includes at least two portfolio review meetings with Tom Roberts, CFP®, rapid responses to your financial questions, use of an investment account aggregation service, quarterly portfolio summary posted on your personal portal, newsletter and access to financial education and complementary invitations to educational events sponsored by A New Approach.

You are still in control of your investments.  You choose where to hold your accounts and how you invest.  A New Approach Financial Planning provides advice and tools to help you make better decisions.

If you have $100,000 or more in investments and are looking for better way to get quality, objective investment advice, lower your investment costs and not give up control of your portfolio, AUM2SucceedTM may be for you. Contact us to arrange a complementary meeting and personalized proposal**.

For more information on my planning process and investment philosophy, check here.



* A typical AUM2SucceedTM program for a $100,000 portfolio is $960.00 annually, less than 1% of investment assets. For more complex portfolios the annual fee may be higher but is usually less than .6% of the portfolio value. Services provided outside the AUM2SucceedTM program are charged at an hourly rate.

** An investment or financial plan must be completed with A New Approach before participating in AUM2SucceedTM. The plan establishes your goals, risk profile and time horizon. It includes an investment policy, initial recommended investments and a customized portfolio benchmark. The cost of the initial plan is dependent on your planning needs and investments. At the conclusion of a complementary meeting, a proposal for the plan will be presented to you. There is no cost to you to determine the total cost of your customized plan and AUM2SucceedTM program.

16 June 2017
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