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W FamilyPersonal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning benefits everyone; Families, couples or individuals.  You don't have to be wealthy to build a successful financial future.

We most commonly provide advice on:

•    Creating income
•    Retirement planning
•    Investing
•    Managing risk
•    Spending and savings plans
•    Tax planning strategies
•    College funding
•    Estate planning

We create complete financial plans or tailor our advice to meet your needs.  If you need a complete financial plan, we follow a 7 Step Process to assure we cover all your concerns.

If you have an immediate concern or want to do a quick review of your investment portfolio, we offer a Financial Reality Check. One and a half hours of consultation on your choice of topics.

For advice on a specific topic or question, we can provide advice on an hourly basis.

Check out the FAQs for more information on our planning process.

It's about your financial future. Contact us today to get started!


W Employees Group Savings Plans & Financial Education

A New Approach Financial Planning helps small businesses set up low cost employee savings programs.  We also provide financial education programs for employees and groups. Numerous studies have shown that financially literate employees make better decisions and are more productive employees.

Financial education and savings programs can help your company or group by:

•    Attracting and retaining better qualified workers
•    Improving employee productivity
•    Improving employee satisfaction
•    Reducing recruiting, health care and training expenses
•    Improving benefits for owners

If you already have a savings plan, I can customize a educational program to make it more effective at very little cost to the company.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your company!

Investing in a world of negative interest rates 

More than 25 percent of bonds are yielding less than zero percent. That means when the bonds mature, owners will receive less than they paid for them. This is a scary scenario for any bond investor as security of principal and low-risk returns are the main reasons to hold bonds.

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Use your tax forms to boost finances

With the 2016 federal tax return filing deadline of April 18 – yes, that is correct – rapidly approaching, let’s talk about how you can use your tax forms to improve your finances.

Before you file away your 2016 tax forms, spend a few minutes to see how it can help plan your finances and taxes for 2017.

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Lakewood Ranch financial planner looks at costs of health care in retirement

It is no secret that health care is expensive. For most of us, annual health-care costs increase as we get older and threaten to become our largest expense item. Fidelity's latest study proclaims that the average 65-year-old will need $245,000 to cover health-care costs in their lifetime.

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