Who We Are

A New Approach Financial Planning is a financial planning firm with offices in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, Florida. We are different from other financial advisors in the area.

We provide objective financial advice on an hourly, fee basis. Our clients are individuals, families, business owners and company employees interested in receiving advice to improve their financial future. Our primary focus is to help clients design and implement customized financial plans to achieve their goals. Personal financial education is an important part of our process. We believe that an educated consumer will make better choices. Our clients maintain control of their assets by owning their accounts and implementing the recommendations. For more information on our investment philosophy and processes check out the FAQs.

We do not have a minimum account size or income requirements.

Investing in a world of negative interest rates 

More than 25 percent of bonds are yielding less than zero percent. That means when the bonds mature, owners will receive less than they paid for them. This is a scary scenario for any bond investor as security of principal and low-risk returns are the main reasons to hold bonds.

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Reducing your income risk is crucial when investing

When investing and managing your money, you must consider and deal with a number of potential risks.  Some of these are more important at different times in one’s life. If you are relying on your investments to provide income to pay your expenses, you are rightfully concerned about the stability of income.  Regardless of how you use the income, let’s look at how you can manage these risks and improve the reliability of your overall investment income.

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Why everyone needs to own bonds

Everyone should own bonds or bond-like investments, though you might ask why would anyone want to own bonds at this time? The value in owning bonds is not just for the known rate of income but also to provide a less-volatile rate of return and to provide stability to a portfolio. Providing stability and helping us deal with our instinctual desire to make the wrong moves at the wrong times may have the most value for investors.

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