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Here's The Difference!

Hourly, As - Needed Financial Planning & Advice

Tom Roberts, CFP® is an advice only financial planner and a fiduciary. As a fiduciary, he is legally obligated to put his client's needs first and provide the advice that is the best for them. As a member of The Garrett Planning Network, he has pledged to not accept payments or referral fees from third parties. His only monetary compensation is the fee paid by his clients. This allows Tom to provide objective financial advice.

Why does this make a difference to you? By removing potential conflicts of interest, you are assured that the advice given is best for your particular situation. You do not have to be concerned about it being influenced because of potential gain to the advisor.

"If you want help but aren't willing to turn over complete control of your portfolio, look for an advisor who offers financial counseling on an hourly basis."

The Wall Street Journal

Tom helps individuals and couples find peace of mind by helping them improve their financial situation and stability. He does this by creating practical financial plans and providing advice on:

•    Creating income
•    Retirement planning
•    Managing risk
•    Investments
•    Spending and saving
•    Tax strategies
•    College funding
•    Estate planning

Tom is a Registered Investment Advisor in Florida. He is active in the community through the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance, American Association of Individual Investors, Junior Achievement and The Warehouse.


Some examples of client experiences:

Building financial security, saving for retirement and education

A young family recently relocated to Sarasota and started a new business. They wanted to balance saving for retirement and their son's college education.

Over several years, Tom worked with the couple to start retirement and college savings plans. Gaps in their financial security plan were addressed by increasing emergency funds, making estate planning and insurance changes. The couple now feels their future is more secure.

New retiree reallocates to assure future income

A recently retiree's current income is adequate however, he is concerned about rising living costs and future medical bills.

Tom reallocated his portfolio to include low risk investments that were readily accessible, as well as growth assets to stay ahead of rising costs. The new portfolio has improved returns at a lower cost. The retiree can now work towards his non-financial life goals with peace of mind.

Relieving stress in divorce

A woman is concerned about splitting the couple's assets equitably. Her income level will drop after the divorce and she did not want to tap retirement funds for living expenses.

Through several meetings, Tom consulted and assisted in negotiating a financial settlement that allowed her to obtain an adequate income until her planned retirement. The arrangement also reduced the husband's tax burden.

Couple reduces debt and starts saving plan

A couple was struggling with high credit card payments. They wanted to realign their spending habits so they could enjoy life and achieve their retirement plans.

It was determined that the best use of an inheritance was to pay down the crushing debt. Tom developed a plan to pay off the debts quickly, at low cost. They have implemented a new spending plan to avoid future debts, allow more contributions to their retirement plans and improve their future.



Use your tax forms to boost finances

With the 2016 federal tax return filing deadline of April 18 – yes, that is correct – rapidly approaching, let’s talk about how you can use your tax forms to improve your finances.

Before you file away your 2016 tax forms, spend a few minutes to see how it can help plan your finances and taxes for 2017.

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Reducing your income risk is crucial when investing

When investing and managing your money, you must consider and deal with a number of potential risks.  Some of these are more important at different times in one’s life. If you are relying on your investments to provide income to pay your expenses, you are rightfully concerned about the stability of income.  Regardless of how you use the income, let’s look at how you can manage these risks and improve the reliability of your overall investment income.

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Lakewood Ranch financial planner looks at costs of health care in retirement

It is no secret that health care is expensive. For most of us, annual health-care costs increase as we get older and threaten to become our largest expense item. Fidelity's latest study proclaims that the average 65-year-old will need $245,000 to cover health-care costs in their lifetime.

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